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G17 Gen5 FR Coyote

Glock 19 MHS 9mm semiautomatic pistol

G19X & Streamlight TLR-7AH

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G43X MOS with RMSc Shield


G48 MOS with RMSc Shield



Buying a gun online shouldn’t be confusing. Finding the correct firearm should be an enjoyable experience. And getting your order fast, with full confidence and understanding of the background process is what PrimeGlock.com will deliver to you.
Ask ten firearms enthusiasts which pistol is the right one for you to have in your home for self defense, and you’re likely to get ten unique answers. The fact is, that when it comes to the ‘right fit’, it really depends on your preferences. Gunbuyers trusted Site. There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a firearm for home defense, such as caliber, safety, size, and especially price, so you’ll need to decide which attributes are most important. There is certainly not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ scenario. In this write-up, we’re not going to provide an in-depth breakdown of every attribute relating to the following guns – our goal is to point out a few options that are popular on the market today to get you thinking about what to look for There are a lot of reasons why Glock’s are popular for the everyday gunbroker and gun owners as well as those who keep them for home defense. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced shooter, Glock’s are very easy to use, which has helped accelerate their popularity through a gunbroker app, types of guns. You don’t need to be a gunsmith to be able to disassemble or modify your Glock. Glock 17 and Glock 19 are two of the more popular platforms of the Glock family, providing you with a couple options when it comes to ergonomics and grip. Glock’s are known for being consistent, reliable firearms, which is all the more important when it comes to home defense. When you’re relying on that weapon in a time of need, you need to have confidence in your firearm.Talking About The Gen 4 Glock This Gen 4 Glock is equipped with what Glock aficionados refer to as the “dot” connector. The new Gen 4 system seemed to raise trigger pull by about a pound on most models. The fix for this a new connector in the trigger housing that is marked with a “.” or dot that was supposed to bring the trigger pull down to the original specs of 5.5 pounds. The tested pistol was slightly higher, averaging out a 5 pounds, 14.3 ounces using a Lyman Electronic trigger pull gauge. The take-up was standard Glock as the spring tension is taken up until the firing pin makes contact with the connector, with a crisp let-off, and the traditional crisp trigger reset Glocks are known for. (It’s no 1911, but still not bad at all.)
Overall, handling was boringly reliable. Point, pull trigger, gun goes bang, bullet hits target. There were no malfunctions of any kind. While this gun has over 1,000 rounds through it, it should be noted there was no break in period. The gun worked straight out of the box, without a single malfunction in those 1,000 rounds.
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These guys lately have been doing a much better job shipping items timely and also issuing checks for guns you buy from them. I’ve used them several times buying home defense guns  and they did hit a very rough spot accommodating customers (I was one of them not happy or satisfied) but I will say the last couple transactions I’ve had has been 5 STAR.

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As a first time buyer of PRIMEGLOCK.COM I’m very impressed with the professionalism that the people have for their customers. I had some questions during the buying process and was shown nothing but respect, even for my dumb questions, answering my questions. I’ll continue to do business with PRIMEGLOCK.COM. Thanks for selling me on using your company!.


Never thought I would buy a gun online, this was my first online purchase. Found exactly what I wanted and figured it was time to try buying online. I had some trepidation (probably should not have done that), turned out to be a great experience.the glock 19 longed for is now in my hands Listed as Good. Picked it up today, it’s practically new. Clean, perfect condition. PRIMEGLOCK.COM tells you what they will do and they do it.

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What a great experience. Everything went smoothly, my offer was negotiated fairly and the firearm was sent quickly undamaged to my FFL. making hunting much more essay as a game lover make primeglock.com your place to shop . Have no fear when making your purchase!


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